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HT-4021 Automatic Self-Adjusting Insulated Cable Stripper

Data Center
1. Features a self-adjusting and automatic grasp with the optimal tension functions.
2. Works on the single or multi-stranded cross-section 0.2-6.0mm² (24-10 AWG) cables. 
3. Perfect for stripping insulated thick or thin wall without damaging to inner conductor. 
4. Adjustable sliding stop helps to set a specific stripping length precisely.  
5. Integrated lever-action cutter makes a clean cut for maximum 4.0mm² cables.
6. Front-loaded stripping allows better access to hard-to-reach spots.
7. Push-button lock mechanism for easy storage ad safety in closed position. 
8. Ergonomic grips reduce hand fatigue with comfort during prolonged use.

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